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Pure Eiderdown

A duvet made using pure eiderdown promises something unique. A wonderful sensation as you sleep, thanks to the incomparable lightness of the duvet, created individually by hand with the finest mulberry silk cover.

The Down

If you were to hold a cluster of eiderdown in the palm of your hand, you would experience the most magical sensation. You see the eiderdown in your hand but feel nothing, such is its lightness. Very soon, your skin becomes stimulated by a glowing warmth. A most amazing breathtaking experience and definately, natures cuddliest miracle! 

The Eider Duck

Eider ducks are a protected species which makes the eiderdown extremely rare. The eider nests on offshore islands around Iceland and the Arctic circle. They love peace and quiet and when they find it they tend to flock together in tightly packed nesting sites. Some of the most popular sites are on the thousands of tiny islands in Breidafjordur, off the coast of north-west Iceland.

How is the Down Taken?

The Eider duck will pluck among its breast feathers during the breeding season and line its nest with its most tender down. The magical qualities of this down will keep the eggs very warm during incubation. Nature has adapted this eiderdown over the millennia to suit temperatures as low as minus 50°C. Once the ducklings have hatched and the nests are no longer in use, the farmers take full advantage of the hours of daylight and bob between the grassy islands in their tiny boats collecting the down by hand until very late at night.

How Pure is Schlossberg Eiderdown?

The down is gently washed by hand and then disinfected in a high temperature steam bath. It is then once again sorted by hand to make sure that only 100% pure Eiderdown is used in the manufacturing process.

The Duvet

The duvet case is created using the very finest satin made from100% mulberry silk. It is painstakingly filled by hand, making sure that the precious eiderdown is evenly distributed to the individual pockets of the duvet.

These swiss made duvets are the very finest that we have ever seen or experienced (or ever will). The sensation when you sleep is beyond comparison, such is their lightness and warmth. If your budget allows, you are about to purchase a most exclusive and very rare product that will surely provide you with a whole new experience whilst you sleep . However, if like many who have saved for a lifetime just to buy one of these duvets, you are going to start saving,  the wait will be worthwhile.

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